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  • 哈克利哈德逊学者

    哈德逊学者 Program Update

    哈克利哈德逊学者 community continues to offer support to our 哈德逊学者 families during these challenging and unprecedented times. Please read below for a program update from Director 大卫 赛克斯.


"The character and actions I saw in the 哈德逊学者 probably embodied the mottoes “united we help one another,” “enter here to be and find a friend,” and “unreserved effort” as much or more than in any other group of students I saw in my thirteen years at Hackley. The program renewed my appreciation for learning and for the power of reaching out to forge connections with others." ——茱莉亚年代. '16

“The 学者 taught me so many lessons and bring a can-do spirit to their studies that inspires me to be a better student, 队友, 和朋友. 另外, being a mentor to these scholars is simply a happy and rewarding experience as they are so teachable, 感激的, 和有趣的." ——埃莉克. '18

"This has by far been the best p艺术 of my summer. The 学者 are some of the most passionate kids I’ve ever met and I’m glad to have had the chance to spend two weeks with them.——艾米·C. '19


“I like how we get to learn and have fun at the same time” ——是的,学者

“Being a Hudson Scholar felt like a privilege because I felt like we all became a family.” ——希尔玛拉,17年学者

“My mom told me that it would be like school, but it is a lot more fun than school!”

"I make another best memory every day." ——学者安吉尔


  • 对哈德逊学者的赞美

    I’m writing as a Hackley parent of the last 13 years, whose daughter became involved with 哈德逊学者 last summer. The program is the most significant community service Hackley has offered in my experience, and its potential for creating goodwill with Hackley's neighbors and truly changing the lives of young people cannot be undervalued. Thank you for your initial and continued support of the program.
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哈德逊学者 is a dynamic enrichment program for academically promising low-income middle school students. This tuition-free program brings students from our local communities of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown to the Hilltop for ongoing summer and academic year support and mentoring. 这个项目 brings together Hackley teachers, 上学校的志愿者, and the incredible 学者 for a meaningful and valuable experience.
The program extends the reach of Hackley's educational resources to deliver high standards, a comprehensive advising system, and a team of passionate teachers and mentors to provide the 学者 with academic instruction and the development of character, leadership and social/emotional skills.

By preventing summer learning loss, inspiring creativity and passion for learning, 灌输信心, and fostering positive relationships, the 哈德逊学者 program seeks to provide the 学者 with a transformational experience.

这个综合项目, taking place during summers and the school year, helps the 哈德逊学者 gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in middle school, thus preparing them to succeed in high school, 大学, 及以后.

The Hudson Scholar Program also strives to greater fulfill Hackley’s own mission, as it seeks to strengthen ties between Hackley and the local Westchester community. 这样做, the program provides the opportunity for the Hackley community to learn from students with varying perspectives and backgrounds while also creating a learning environment for enriching mentorship, 增长, 和领导能力.

哈德逊学者 begins by recruiting fifth grade students and their families from the Washington Irving school community who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Upon review of student applications, the program invites approximately 15 students to join the new cohort and begin their journey as 哈德逊学者.

桑玛: The summer enrichment consists of a full school day with engaging and challenging classes in 英语, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, 戏剧, 艺术, 计算机科学, 和物理教育. The program emphasizes leadership skills while promoting values such as hard work, 完整性, 同理心, 弹性, and community through a thoughtfully-designed character education curriculum. 特别活动, 包括实地考察, 家族的一天, an introduction to 大学 day, parent gathering and support, 一夜“露营”, 和更多的, further expand the summer experience.

学年编程: 学年期间, the program offers ongoing academic support through weekly tutoring sessions and monthly 周六 activities that sustain and strengthen the relationships and sense of community.

项目增长: 哈克利哈德逊学者 program added a fourth cohort in the summer of 2020 with support from the EE Ford Foundation, bringing the program to full capacity! Read more about EE Ford Foundation’s contribution at http://www.eeford.org/featured-projects/hackley-school. 

哈德逊学者 & 哈克利导师

One of the most critical elements of the program is the incredible relationships that develop between the 学者 and the Hackley high school mentors. Having a role model who loves school, who is excited about learning, who has a variety of interests and passions, and who treats other people kindly and with respect is invaluable to the 学者. The way in which the 学者 look up to the mentors is truly special.

在过去的两个夏天, over forty Hackley high school students (including some alums), volunteered their time to help with the summer program and even more volunteered to be involved during the school year. The relationships that form between the 学者 and the Hackley mentors are a unique and important - one, and one from which not only do the middle school 学者 benefit, but also the Hackley’s high school mentors.



  • 导师 Helping out the Goodie and Hoodie distribution.

    哈德逊学者 Holiday Zoom Reunion

    在周六, December 18 the 哈德逊学者 Holiday Reunion took place on Zoom. 在重聚之前, Hudson Scholar 上学校 mentors wrote holiday cards and packed a goodie bag for each Scholar. 
  • 一起庆祝

    The 4th annual 哈德逊学者 Holiday P艺术y on 12/15 brought together about 150 people--the 学者 and their families, over 20 上学校 mentors (and some of their families too), numerous Hackley teachers--and a great deal of Holiday cheer and joy!
  • Come Support 哈德逊学者 on 周六, 7/27

    周六, 7月27日, the 哈德逊学者 program will run three exciting Service-Learning projects based in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. 请停止,, 打个招呼, 加入, buy some lemonade or cheer on our 学者, 哈德逊学者 faculty and amazing 上学校 导师.
  • 哈德逊学者 at (STEM) Work!

    在周六, 1月12日, 30名高中导师, under the leadership of 计算机科学 teachers Melissa Tranchida and Jed Dioguardi, worked with 25 哈德逊学者 in what was a fun day of engaging STEM/tech activities
  • Grateful for 哈德逊学者

    The 哈德逊学者 and Hackley's 上学校 student mentors planned to join forces to help with the RiverWalk clean up in Tarrytown on November 17, but the previous day’s surprise snowstorm forced a change in plans.
  • Passion Day at 哈德逊学者

    今年夏天, current Hackley students and young alumni introduced the 哈德逊学者 to a wide range of activities they love.
  • 哈德逊学者: Helping One Another To Be Good

    Perspectives Fall 2016-17 By Steve Bileca, Assistant Headmaster:  In 1904, Hackley’s First Headmaster, Theodore Chickering Williams, wrote that he had hoped to create a school “where it should be easy to be good.” Generations of Hackley students, teachers and families have felt drawn to the Hilltop by that beautiful aspiration ever since.
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